night thoughts 5:09 a.m.

Remember to say thank you.
Today. I know you think
you usually do, but usually
isn’t often enough.
Yesterday, or last Friday,
remember, wherever you were,
and the why or where doesn’t
really matter because you
were in a rush, and whatever it
was or wasn’t on time, or you didn’t
get out of that frame of mind,
so you accepted it as is, but paid
no heed to the fact that
somebody else took the time to
get you what you wanted, or
requested, or damn well demanded
because you were you and you
needed just that, right then, and
you got it, yes you did.
Whatever it was, whatever it meant,
whatever you asked for, whatever
you spent. It doesn’t matter, now,
not today, because you got it
anyway. Whatever that was,
whatever your mood, you failed to
show any gratitude. Anything
you’ve got, anything you do, is
always more appreciated when
you say thank you.
Make it a habit. Make it one of
those things you expect
of your self.
You’ll thank yourself later.
Think about it.
At 5:09 a.m., you’ll be
thankful when all is said and
done. With friends and family
or total strangers, if you take
time to say those two simple
words, you’ll make somebody
feel better about themselves.
Even yourself.
Thank you very much.

05/13/ 2021                                   j.g.l.


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