Over and Over

Do you feel stuck where you are?

Are you content with your state of being: emotionally, physically or spiritually?

Can you tell the difference between a routine and a rut?

Do you do what is expected, or intended? Are you surprised when you don’t?

Over and over we settle for the words, or the life, presented to us.

Change is always possible, but it has to begin within.

It is easy to take the same steps or drive the same route, to do, again, what you did yesterday.

It is not always comfortable. It is not always right.

It is a habit.

We are limited by habits, and patterns, no matter how routine. No matter how uncomfortable.

Are you comfortable with change to your lifestyle or living situation?

Has it become too comfortable?

Are you ready for change? Have you even thought about it?

Have you settled?


©2019 j.g. lewis

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