Mondays are just young Fridays

Some days are better than others; other days are worse than they should be, and many are the same as they have been before.
   Nights are not long enough, and the days are too short.
   Some days suffer by reputation or familiarity, few offer the mystery they have in the past, yet there are those that simply happen as they should. Those days, you see or do a couple more things than you usually do and manage a few surprises along the way. It just happens, and is more appreciated when it is not all planned out.
   Many days are meant to be adventures, others do not move swiftly enough.
   What you can count on is that Wednesday will always follow Tuesday, and then Thursday just takes place. Saturdays often blur into Sundays. If you do it right, Mondays are just young Fridays. It is not always routine, nor is it day after day again and again, as if it is part of the process.
   Take from each day what it offers, and leave behind what you can, when you can; surely there will further disappointments or delays in the days ahead.
   Try to spend more time remembering the good days, because bad days have a way of reminding you what they were and when they were. Celebrate the good ones, and try to squeeze in a few more in on a regular basis.

06/14/2021                                     j.g.l.                                      

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