Mondays are just young Fridays

Today will be sunny instead of
the rain that was promised. It
was supposed to rain, as the
weather app says it will (again)
for the remainder of the week.
   I put off plans to paint last
Saturday as they had been
predicting precipitation.
   No rain.
   No progress.
   I have an appointment this
morning that will take me away
from my project, and I won’t
see a pleasant day in the next
four (at least) if I am to believe
what I read.
   All this talk of rain, again and
   Do I trust what they say?
   Do I put off plans because
of a wet forecast?
   Maybe my time is better put
to use on some other project
or plan?
   Should I do what I do, or
do what I can?

06/28/2021                                       j.g.l.

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