Take A Stand

An active pacifist,
I am                        resilient, steadfast,
passive,                  yet passionate
about all that inspires me.


                         at times confusing,
       we take a stand when we can
but not always
when we should.
                                                  Do we
choose to ignore
the significantly unsettling actions
of them who believe in something else?


How can we know
the truth untold, but
exhibited so many ways?

Are we not blessed
with perception?                    Can we
know the ignorance evident
in public displays of rejection?

Stand up for what matters.
Make it matter.          More.

                                                  Can you
believe in your heart, in
your soul?            In me?

There is so much more to say.
Will you?              Speak up.


© 2021 j.g. lewis


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