Mondays are just young Fridays

I bought a new rain jacket last week.
   Given the forecast for the week ahead, and the one we’ve just been through, I’m pretty sure it’s a good investment.
   Quite simply, in recent days, I’ve been drenched one too many times by unexpected downpours (even though the weather reports said to expect rain).
   You can only chance it for so long, and me without an umbrella.
   I used to have a couple — a selection actually   of dependable rain garments but they were never there when needed, then never there at all.
   Where did they go?
   It took several stops at several stores to find a jacket that was rainproof and not just “rain repellent”, and high tech without being high-priced.
   I selected function over fashion, steering clear of recognizable logos and brand names, and ended up with a rather boring grey jacket.
   So far, it works when it should, and does what it needs to do.
   Practicality is my fashion statement.

07/12/2021                                          j.g.l.

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