nighttime itself

Conscious thought of a subconscious mind, interrupting
       the darkness      or     absence of time

                             night thoughts are deceptive.

                  As    scattered      as they    can     be

   they are real; darkness is as honest
         as it is lonely, as remorseful as comforting.

       Night thoughts.

Do they lead you to dreams, or are they derived from them?

              The night is a question as much as an answer.

Night knows no apologies, nor offers excuses for simplicity
   or indulgence.

                A contradiction,
            night    is a    many splendored thing.
   It knows tears,
   it knows laughter,
          neither with overfamilarity or routine.

                             It is as it is.
                 You would be the change

                             It is personal.

   Night offers the chance to say the same thing twice, but
        denies an opportunity for the thought to hold
           the same meaning all over again,

              or for you to even make sense of the words.

        Night knows daylight only as an interruption.

                      Night is free of distractions
                              except nighttime itself.


© 2021 j.g. lewis


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