Mondays are just young Fridays

I sat by a lake last night and
I listened.
   I watched the sun dip below
the horizon, and I listened
a little longer.
   I listened to the lake lapping
lightly against the shore,
and I could hear a chorus of
crickets, but there was not a
whisper of a breeze through
the many, many trees.
   It wasn’t silence, but it was
not the city sounds I have
become so accustomed to.
   I was so peaceful.
   The city is hours away.
   For a while I sat and thought
of nothing in particular, the
natural sounds not even
registering, but they were there.
   I felt it. What a wonderful way
to end the day.
   I believe tonight will end
much the same way.
   Some Mondays are even
better than I say. Enjoy your day,
and tomorrow too.

08/16/2021                                   j.g.l.

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