Sense And Scentuality

                         Scant silken stream
                                               dividing line
                                         between reality
                                        and sensuality
                                            floating upwards
                                                filling space
                                           between the ribs
                                   lavender or patchouli
                                     at night
                                ease the mind
                                  wipe away
                                     remains of the day
                                        you can’t stop
                                      but you can
                                         make it
                                      the swiftest route
                                           to memory
                                             or comfort
                                          as you retreat
                                         negative forces
                                  the essence of the moment
                                            a gentle
                                     for the self
                                   negative influences
                                  behaviours and patterns
                                         an environment
                                              of hope
                                           and awareness
                               strengthen the senses
                                          your world

© 2016 j.g. lewis



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