Be Content

What if today were simply today?

What if the residue of all those yesterdays had been washed (or sandblasted)
away and you were able to manage the equilibrium you often desire, but so
infrequently find. Balance takes time.

What if today you just did what you needed to do (or more) without the
struggle that routinely interferes with the best-laid plans?

Intention and progress are two different things. Only one will truly get results.
Think about it.

Intention is only thought.

Initiative involves effort.

There are a great number of yesterdays to account for, each one a step along
the path you have been creating.

This is a personal journey for each (and every one) of us.

Similarities are possible.

You should always determine your own route.

You are the one who chooses your destination, no matter how many people
can(or will) influence your direction.

It is always a decision.

At times, the instructions provided might be invaluable, yet (in so many ways)
they may have stopped you from making the choices that would have greatly
influenced your outcome.

Faults (or fluctuations) are easier to recognize in hindsight.

Do not look back on all those yesterdays. Be content with today.

Tomorrow may (or may not) offer new opportunities.

What if?

© 2021 j.g. lewis


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