Tomorrows Come

             I had so much to do
      things I had put off
   consciously or
unconsciously              it mattered not
         I was determined to get them
   one (or all of them)
done             today
when it was tomorrow
           it seemed easier
           it seemed manageable
           it seemed as if there would
be time
           when today
                        was tomorrow
yet as tomorrow came,
            as it always does
            as yesterday lost hold of
the hours and
its way
and tomorrow just happened
it seemed
                                  as if
           time had passed me by
                                  as if a day;
                       today or any day
slipped off the calendar
falling like a rose petal or
            disgraced politician
into the basket of days misspent
or wasted
days which promised more
                     but delivered less
tomorrows do that
they never quite live up to
                   and all too often
                           become a yesterday

© 2014 j.g.lewis


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