A Personal Stake

The United Nations Climate Summit officially opened this morning in Glasgow Scotland. Over the next two weeks politicians, bureaucrats and scientists will attempt to further the Paris Climate Accord forged in 2015.
   Delegates will be dealing with decades old arguments and the slow pace of action that has done nothing but contribute to a hotter, deadlier planet.
   When it comes to climate change, greenhouse gases, and how to deal effectively with what is going on, politicians have proven they can’t be relied on.
   We must demand more of our global leadership. At the same time, we must all take more responsibility as we have a personal stake in carbon emissions.
   Think about it.
   This is our home.

10/21/2021                                                j.g.l.

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  1. As long as capitalism is accepted as a righteous way to live, as a solid foundation for “civilized society,” we will continue to gobble up earth’s resources, convert them to poisons, and spew them back out into the air. Human beings are nothing other than a cancer, ravenously devouring its host, with no predators to stop its destruction. Whoever thinks that human kind is God’s final piece of work was devilishly deceived. And as long as human kind thinks they were that final piece of creation they will continue to do what they’ve always done. It’s a despairing and desolate view, tempered only by communing with nature, where one can still find it, and sharing love and compassion with those who still recognize it, and clinging to a determination to leave only bare footprints behind.

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