morning thoughts 5:19 a.m.

Yesterday did not go as planned.
   I had things to do – things I needed to do – that simply did not get done.
   Lately, many days have been like that. More than I care to admit.
   Some days I fail to see all that I have.
   Other days I’m unsure where I am going, even when I try to adjust my
way of thinking or alter my direction.
   When I struggle with all this negativity, I don’t (or can’t) take into
consideration the many good things that I possess.
   I’m too caught up in the emotional traffic and feelings of anger that
rise up from the disappointment that I can’t focus on the task at hand.
   I don’t think I’m unique.
   I believe we all have things we want to accomplish.
   We don’t all struggle. Few of us admit we are nowhere near where
we need to be. None of us are perfect.
   I am flawed.
   Some days I can’t quite see past all the imperfections, but still
   I will keep trying.
   I don’t want today to simply turn into yesterday.

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