Where Are We Now?

   We know what we know, can’t make much sense of what we don’t understand, and find it difficult to keep up with all the shifting information that flows our way.
   Some of it is true; a lot of it is nonsense.
   We only know what we want to know, and we tire of the ebb and flow of statistics.
   The numbers are going up. Again.
   Pandemic fatigue.
   Second wave, third wave, fourth wave, fifth; where are we now?
   Twenty-one months in, do we really know?
   Did we think it would take this long?
   And, now there is a new variant with both its danger and its doubt.
   How are we to know?
   What is safe?
   What is normal? What is right?
   First shot, second shot, three shots; will we need more? In Canada, the first vaccine was injected one year ago. Since then, millions and millions of people have been vaccinated.
   We have become accustomed to our habitual mask.
   We still wash our hands diligently and sanitize when we can. We know we must.
   We move cautiously, but freely, but only to an extent. We don’t know when it will get better and realize it might get worse.
   This is where we are today.
   What about tomorrow?

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