The Little Things You Do

It’s interesting, or odd, how you do something with dedicated regularity, and then suddenly stop.
   Not just for a day or three, it goes on for months.
   And you’re not sure why.
   Yes, you think about it, but you don’t analyze it with any sort of concern. Like it will all come back to you.
   And surely you will, but why did you stop?
   We are all creatures of habit.
   Often, what we do becomes a noticeable part of who we are.
   But who notices when something changes.
   Maybe something has altered your daily routine and you can’t find the mental space or strength to figure it out.
   It’s not like you, yet day after day after day you don’t do what you used to do daily.
   Your routine has been disturbed, as if new priorities have pushed away the reason you got so involved.
   Days go by, and then weeks, and you still don’t know why.
   It’s not like you haven’t done this before.
   These are the moments or minutes that ground you.
   What are a few minutes in the course of a day, a week, or a life?
   It matters.
   You matter, as do the little things you do.
   And they do. Or, they did.
   Maybe they will again tomorrow?

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