Mondays are just young Fridays

Each of us cultivates, embraces, falls or functions with (or within) some form of a relationship; general or specific. Personal, professional, academic or accidental, relationships are elemental to our role, or identity, as a human being and how we relate with friends, family, or foe. Even subtle strangers have a place within the circumference of our lives.
   Daily, weekly, or hourly, we settle or struggle with the emotional imperatives that find us (or are forced upon us) as we deal with the joy, confusion, anger, empathy or apathy that comes our way.
   Through it all, in any circumstance, we must decide how we deal with the people in any aspect of our lives. Above all, we must decide the impact of love, generally or specifically, and how we accept it, allow it, share it or disavow it.
   It is not an easy task.
   Love is more than an emotion; it is greater than a state of mind and it, sadly, is missing in the lives of so many right now.
   We need more love, right now, general or specific, individual or communal.
   We need to feel it more than we do.
   Know what I mean?
   What will you do with the love that comes your way today?
   Happy Valentine’s Day wherever you are.
   You are loved.

02/14/2022                                        j.g.l.

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