Promises or Ideology

Caught up in the fragility of the moment, or
situation, or of the mind, we are all fighting battles.

War exists, one way or another, in our minds;
in this life. These times are tough.

So caught up in the bigger picture, all the
little things go unnoticed. Reality check.

In this city, guns and violence on the street,
in the school, forever on the news.

This year’s twelfth or thirteenth homicide
perpetrator was 14-years-old; the victim 18.

The laws are there but no one cares; they
simply want their freedoms. Regardless.

Politics is blood sport. Promises or ideology
mixed with anger, fear, and stupidity.

Common sense and sanity; one is not the other.
Neither exists in the state of now, or again.

No declaration or participation, there is no peace.
Is everything else is too important?

© 2022 j.g. lewis

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