poem in your pocket

                  a thought

       abstract thoughts
                       infinite time
         or is it

               the space between

      now and when

         the last time
   we spoke or touched
                 or smiled

   do we grieve

           the space between

     then and when
                 we manage to

        avoid each other
   not by fault
   not without blame

       nor lack of trying

       just a thought
   for this time
         to get past

           the space between

       you and I

©2022 j.g. lewis

April 29th is Poem in Your Pocket Day, a day to celebrate poetry by selecting a poem, carrying it in your pocket, and sharing it with the humans who cross your path daily.
Share a poem where ever the day takes you, as you would share a smile, a gesture, or your kindness.
Sharing is caring, and we could all use a few more caring thoughts (and poetry).

April is Poetry Month
sharing is caring



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