Changing It Up

You do things the things you do — daily tasks, unexpected duties, even pleasurable pastimes and hobbies — as you learned to do them and as you’ve always done.
   For the most part it is productive, or produces results you are satisfied with. You have been successful at doing those things in such a familiar pattern that it becomes routine.
   It is acceptable; in fact you’ve been recognized for your consistency.
   Could it be better?
   Could you further your efforts by changing it up?
   Could you go a little deeper, enhance your results; even perfect your practiced imperfection by trying to do something in a different manner?
   Maybe the time you spend, or time you undertake your drafts or duties, could be done at another hour?
   Have you tried to write your morning pages at the end of the day, or painted your canvases an entirely different way?
   Perhaps your poetry, which usually provides personal satisfaction, could advance itself with some nuanced action?
   Maybe try another setting with a different view, or a switch from pencil to a keyboard for a month or two?
   Don’t think of it as upsetting the balance, but rather shifting the fulcrum of your expanding talent.
   Just because you’ve always done something one way, doesn’t mean there isn’t another way of doing things.

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