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Mondays are just young Fridays

Information is always available. On the news, in conversation and general commotion, you can’t help but hear it. 
   Do you listen? 
   Do you hear what is being said, by others or yourself? 
   What someone says often differs from what others have heard. 
   Do you recognize the patterns that infiltrate common thought? 
   Who will listen? 
   We all have bits of information and convincing concerns rattling about our heads — you know the ones; the ones that keep coming back — that are varied and confusing. By talking them out we are allowed to remove them from our minds and better address them openly. 
   An open mind. 
   It all comes from talking, and through listening, mainly to your self. 
   Talking things out allows you to gain greater perspective to all the concerns, issues and problems you may be experiencing. 
   We all have problems . . . I know I do. 
   Talking them out seems to help. 

11/27/2023                                                                                                j.g.l. 

take the time

Forgiveness, thankfulness, mindfulness, gratitude; we don’t take the time as frequently as we should to express what is important to those who are important. We are all human. With all we all have going on, it is too easy to forget where we are, or drift away from where we were. It takes time. It takes effort. It takes honesty. It is hard to find the time. It’s harder to make the time. Now is the time.

© 2018 j.g. lewis  


Enjoy your day in your own way.

11/24/2012                                                                                                    j.g.l.

I'm like a pencil;
sometimes sharp,
most days
other times
dull or
Still I write.

j.g. lewis
is a writer/photographer in Toronto.

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unrealized intentions

Posted on December 14, 2022 by j.g.lewis Leave a comment

Imprints we leave on this planet, not always obvious, at times
apparent to so few. Each impression, even those certain to wash
away or be trampled upon by others, remains long past a fickle
expiry date. We call into question our rites and responsibilities,
some of which, or will be, the reason for continued depletion of
a world greedily inherited. Borrowed time. We need have less
of ourselves in the physical realm we leave behind. Walk softly.
Speak loudly. To acknowledge our failings, try as we might to
discourage unhealthy practices and advise those who we can and
those who will follow: humanity depends on far more than words.
Take action. Rage on; you may curse and wake the neighbours, or
scream until you are hoarse. Scornful lamentation expected now,
of course, considering we have clogged all our rivers with shit and
oil, and acid rain. Our skies flush with tactile toxins, ozone long
forgotten, we do it again and again. How have we not listened or
learned? Again, walk softly but speak loudly. Let someone else
know someone cares. Hypocrisy is not based in obvious honesty.
Beyond reckless integrity there lies responsibility. Grief. Guilt,
we are all to blame; again, part of this life’s shame. Politics deny
and deceive, as much as the many men speaking lies; any wonder
we are in this mess made up of unrealized intentions? To change,
as the climate has, we can ill-afford a cautious stance. There shall
not be a second chance, not again. We’ve wasted time, our breath,
a planet now inching close to death. Cocksure conspiracy theories
be damned, so little time to spare if we don’t react now. Speak up.

© 2022 j.g. lewis

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