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A thought du jour, my daily breath includes collected and conceived observations, questions of life, fortune cookie philosophies, reminders, messages of peace and simplicity, unsolicited advice, inspirations, quotes and words that got me thinking. They may get you thinking too . . .

Mondays are just young Fridays

Our impressions of what art is, or how we perceive any form of artistic expression, may change by the minute, with the medium, or be modified by our mood.

   What may be discounted one day could reveal itself in the next to be an abstraction of genius, or an even bigger mess.

   Judgement routinely varies with thought.

   Perspective is altered.

   Perception is not always accurate.

   Subjective thinking pays little heed to fact, form, authenticity, or taste. Feelings simply arrive (often unaccounted for) and may stick with you, become your muse, or be ignored the next day. Yet the art remains.

06/17/2024                                                                                                      j.g.l.

still we rise

We are all expanding
and evolving; spiritually,
mentally and physically.
Organically. Individually.
we encounter barriers,
circumstance or
undue conflict,
and still we rise.
Occasionally we
cross paths with
other souls who help us
to see and believe
we are moving
in the right direction.
We are nourished
by their presence,
however temporarily.
Growth is good. Sharing
in the advancement
of the human spirit
is even better.
Grow when you can,
assist others
when it is possible.
we are strong,
we are powerful.

© 2018 j.g. lewis

good intentions

I am going to yoga later this morning. At least, that is my intention.

   It’s almost 6 a.m., and a mat that hasn’t seen much activity in quite a while is waiting beside my packsack. It has been years, really, since I have stepped into a class. I’ve been feeling, lately, like it is time to do what I used to do regularly.

   Almost a decade ago, yoga was a true constant in my life. It was a practice that, for all intents and purposes, consumed me physically, mentally, and spiritually.

   Today, I’m trying to get that feeling back.

   I have very few expectations.

   My balance is not what it once was, I am often stiff and struggling, and I’m feeling the need to give this body the stretching it needs. My birthday a few days ago reminded me I am not getting any younger.

   So, I’m off to yoga in a few hours and I am doing so with good intentions.


06/14/2024                                                                                          j.g.l.

I'm like a pencil;
sometimes sharp,
most days
other times
dull or
Still I write.

j.g. lewis
is a writer/photographer in Toronto.

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something worth aspiring to

Posted on January 10, 2024 by j.g.lewis Leave a comment

Each year I try to select a word or phrase to guide me through the coming weeks and months. Some years it is a quote from somebody or another that, for whatever reason, inspires me or causes me to think a little deeper.  
   Other years it has been a single word. 
   Whatever I decide upon, I will take those words and affix them to the first page in my dayplanner as a reminder, or prompt. I will look at those words often throughout the year. 
   I had been wrestling with a few motivating words over the past week, trying to see what fits into my current state of mind. I’ve been restless lately, but in a content sort of way. At times, indecisive is not such a bad way to be, except when you are looking for a concrete direction. 
   A few days ago, after flipping through notes, newspapers and assorted scraps, the headline of a magazine article captured my imagination; it spoke to me and all that I believe. 
   Being Human. 
   As a mantra or a mission statement, I can’t think of anything more important right now. 
   Human: it is what I am. We all are.  
   It is something worth aspiring to. 
   Being human: it is something that should come naturally. 
   Then again, a deeper question: How can I be a better human? 
   Or, conversely, what defines a human? 
   To be a human is to be an individual, but you learn or grow up knowing that all humans function better when not isolated. We need each other. 
   Expand upon friendships you have earned over time, cherish them for what they are. Find ways to improve relationships that make you feel worthy, find worth in those friendships you have allowed to fall by the wayside. Reconnect, if possible. Couldn’t we all use more friends? 
   Expect less of others, but demand more of yourself without getting caught up in the anxiety of it all. 
   Follow through on promises you make, make less if you are not able to fulfill them, and appreciate any pledge offered or intended. 
   Offer help when you feel it is needed, accept what is offered, and try not to overlook the efforts of others. Charity flows both ways. 
   Be humble. 
   Be mindful of the state of this planet. Recognize the aggressions many people face, but also realize that many of those battles are internal. You yourself seek balance in your own mental health. 
   Show compassion, be less judgemental. 
   Be more forceful with your intentions and recognize limits need not be boundaries but goals worth striving for. 
   Don’t let life pass you by; participate in that which brings you joy and invite others along. 
   Realize we all need company or consideration. 
   Humanity cannot be forced, but it can be improved upon. Isn’t that something to work towards? 
   Strive not to be something you are not but be all that you can. 
   Being human is a good place to start. 

“To be human means to care for one another.” 
                                                   -Pope Francis 

© 2024 j.g. lewis 

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