April is Poetry Month


Roots Run Deep

Months now standing still, a temporary rest
for snow, frost, or the occasional bird.
Whistling winter’s woes, lifeless really,
actually dormant. Nothing.
Days stripped bare of your
colour and kindness.

Mainly shadows against temporal skies,
merely an echo of what you have been
and can be. Roots run deep, permanently
planted in our lives, having grown with us.
Three seasons remind us daily
of purpose and perseverance.

A range of tones, stories untold, and
breathing life in all we are.
The fourth season you stand.
An example to us all, sustained growth.
Each year another ring,
shelter from sun or rain.

Venerable, offering only your truth,
asking simply for patience. You
soak up our emissions, recycle our sins
and then stand. Stoic. Steadfast.
We wait. Late now, or later than usual,
we’ve grown restless.

Now we need you more than ever
to show our lives go on. A complete cycle,
buds, blossoms, full expression. Bring on
your colour, spread out your shade.
Contribute, again,
to meaningful days.



This month is all about poetry.
Something new every day.

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