April is Poetry Month


Je Suis Comme Je Suis

In any language, on any given day, I am what I am.
Flesh, fire, and stardust; be aware or be damned.
Wanderer by nature, a wonderer at heart,
I am restless and reckless,
and that’s just the start.

Absent-minded, intermittently, unafraid to say,
I rely no longer on moments, or days.
I can try, and have, to be the person I’m not,
but I couldn’t, and can’t,
or I maybe forgot.

I have changed, and still I keep striving to grow
but if you asked how, I’d say
I don’t really know.
A messy concoction of bad habits and traits,
don’t ever tell me I’m settled in my ways.

Sensitive, sensible, and sensual; not at once,
I’m a thief, and an asshole, and occasionally
a dunce. Honest to a fault, patient and kind,
a disappointment, like no other,
in some people’s mind.

I’ve a handful of vices, and personal setbacks
I’ve paid for them dearly, even the tax.
More Dr. Suess than Dr. Phil,
my advice you can trust,
still I’ve no cure to offer, my intentions are just.

A contradiction of sorts, with morals to test,
I try to do something, and keep trying my best.
More than seven billion people and not one
like me.I am what I am.
Je suis comme je suis

©2015 j.g. lewis


This month is all about poetry.
Something new every day.

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