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Mondays are just young Fridays

Each morning, every morning, there is time to consider plans for the day, for the weeks, months, perhaps years ahead.
   Formulated in quiet thought, these goals might not be concrete, or complete, but they are personal reminders of what can be achieved over time.
   If I write them down they seem real; more than dreams and wishes. Maybe even more than I should ask for, or more than I am allowed?
   Only time will tell.

09/26/2022                                                                           j.g.l.


Comfort food,
as the temperature dips.


Restaurant special,
mom’s recipe or
make it up as you go.

Is there a better day
than today?

Be nourished.

Take the time
to enjoy.

Remember the leftovers.

09/23/2022                                                                    j.g.l.


Art is subjective,

graffiti destructive,

or is it



09/22/2022                                                                   j.g.l.

I'm like a pencil;
sometimes sharp,
most days
other times
dull or
Still I write.

j.g. lewis
is a writer/photographer in Toronto.

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Posted on January 13, 2016 by j.g.lewis Leave a comment


The sad news of David Bowie’s passing was all we heard about in Monday’s media, and beyond. Everybody, of all ages, seemed to have some sort of memory of this amazing performer.

A singer, songwriter, musician, visual artist, and actor, the news of his death was met with
disbelief, heartfelt sympathy, and accolades from his peers, politicians, and the common
people for whom he loved to perform.

The word legendary was oft used, and the Englishman was. Few artists will be remembered for their dedication to craft, ability to break boundaries, and be accepted for such a diverse creative vision.

In a world where icon is more known to be associated with a shape or symbol you press on a tablet or mobile device, the term – where Bowie is concerned – can be used to sacred proportions.

Bowie cut his own musical path and, through five decades, created characters that represented his ever changing and always inspiring musical being. These were characters we grew to love and associate with, as his world enlarged our own. In fact David Bowie, himself, was a character created by one David Jones as a platform to express his ideas and creativity.

What a magnificent platform it was. Always precise, always unique, and now, always remembered, Bowie was a true artist, human, and performer.

Incidentally, The Golden Globes were handed out last Sunday night, but on Monday the planet was more concerned with Bowie’s death, and his life, and his impact on pop culture.

Many, many actors and industry professionals – all artists in their own right – were recognized for their talents at the awards show (and rightly so), but few people were really talking about it Monday. The memories of David Bowie owned the day; he had that much of an impact on our world.

I wonder how many of those recognized at Hollywood celebration will be remembered in the same way at the end of their careers?

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