We All Sleep, And We All Dream

We’ve been dreaming as long
as we’ve been living. Restful
or restless, the visions, images,
thoughts and ideas that come
at night play a major role in how
we function in our waking hours.
Dreams are a part of living, and
for many of us a reason to live.

Mythos & Marginalia will take
a closer look at sleeping and
dreaming throughout March,
but would like more than one
person’s perspective. I’d like
to open up a discussion on
sleep, dreams, and the space
in between.
If you have sleep tips, dream
analysis, personal antidotes,
thoughts on how to deal with
insomnia, or dream-inspired
poetry (oh yes, poetry), please
send it to
The nights will soon become
shorter, let’s take advantage of
this time to increase, and share,
our knowledge of the night.

Include your Twitter handle to
help keep the discussion moving.



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