Mondays are just young Fridays

It’s all too easy
to slurp back your coffee,
wolf down left-over food
that is handy, and begin the day
in a hurried way.
It is so convenient
to accept what is offered,
take whatever is available, or
check off the tiny box agreeing
to certain terms or conditions,
before even reading or trying
to understand what you must.
Too quickly we
push on the gas to get wherever
we need to be, so we can do
whatever we have to, never
fully recognizing, or appreciating
whatever it is.
Too often we
give in to our emotions, instead
of thinking about what matters
fully and completely.
we let things go when we know
we shouldn’t, but it is easier to
toss things away only because
it takes less time.
There are moments
when words come out too fast,
when our thoughts cannot
keep up with our tongues,
and what was said
shouldn’t have been.
Try not to rush
your way through today. Take
an extra moment, if you can,
to lookout the window
for no other reason that to see
what is there.
Don’t push
your way through a project, or
posture, or past a friend
who only wants to be that.
Count to three
before responding negatively.
It’s not always possible,
I know, there are deadlines
and commitments and
appointments and random stuff.
Enough is enough. Try not
to take on too much. Try
not to hurry,
try not to rush.

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