December Things To Do

We feel days turn to weeks, and then months, until you can’t tell one from the other.
Each of us, regardless of city or country, has muddled through the year in a state of temporary displacement.
It’s December now. I might have noticed last week, but it didn’t quite sink in.
It has been like that lately. It’s not been a great time.
You keep wishing the year was over, and then it almost is.
I haven’t done as much as I’d like this year; I haven’t even done what I should have months ago. Since autumn arrived, I’ve been falling behind.
Heck I didn’t complete all my October tasks, let alone November. And now there are December things to do.
Like Christmas cards
I usually, or I try, to get cards out in plenty of time.
I try, or I usually do.
Not so much in 2020.
Christmas cards are important. It’s that one time of a year when you want someone to know you are thinking of him or her; especially this year. We all need to think a little more about those people who fill our lives with meaning, even from a distance.
A Christmas card sends a little love, and whishes for a better year ahead.

12/11/2020                                                   j.g.l.

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