To Wipe Away

Interrupted evolution. Restructured
constitution blindly leading us through
these dense desperate days. Last gasp
effort before come what may.
   Unknowingly, in this life, at this time,
we carelessly lend our thoughts to
emerging issues of chaotic unrest,
entirely unimaginable consequences
and derivative theories based on the
unaccountable actions of others;
ignorant or otherwise.
   Disrespectful disruption in our once-
steadfast direction detracts from the
soul focus, purpose and strength,
taking us out of our personal space,
all too often, contributing yet another
layer of dust or deceit to these
ceremoniously complicated lives
we have been striving to lead.
   In unprecedented ways, we can barely
attempt to wipe away persistent residue
of weeks and years of neglect, trying to
remain accountable first and foremost
to ourselves. Aren’t we all
in this together? Expressed empathy
contradicts our haphazard humanity.
   How on earth can we be expected
to clean up societal problems if we all
have our own housekeeping to do?
   At this time, in this life, couldn’t we
all use a little more help?

04/16/2021                                    j.g.l.

April is Poetry Month
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