A New Place

                                                          Shadows shift softly 
                                                    in the early hours 
                                                             transposed across the ceiling. 
                                                         Quietly.    Differently. 
                                                You wake to unfamiliar sounds 
                                                which, like shadows, will become 
                                                          familiar over time. 
                                          The bed feels as it did before, even 
                                             as it rests in a new place.     It is there 
                                                      you realize comfort 
                                                             in your new home. 
                                           Traffic patterns adjust to another route. 
                                                 We all settle into new coordinates. 
                                                There is always a different way. 
                                                           We experience change 
                                                throughout our lives; a new address, 
                                             a fresh set of keys, another neighbourhood, 
                                                    perhaps more stairs, each 
                                                              taking you closer 
                                                    to a place you belong.       
                                                            We live where we are, 
                                                       the context often new, but 
                                                      you come to know home 
                                                    is where you feel you belong.  

                                    ©2929 j.g. lewis

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