Cranes and Condominiums

They finished boarding up the car dealership across the street from my building last week. The warehouse next to the dealership has been vacant as long as I’ve known it, and the artists in the lofts on the corner have been evicted. Days are numbered for the restaurant at street level.
   With all the buildings facing the other direction now shuttered, this entire parcel of land will soon be under demolition.
   The view from my living room window will change.
   Three condominium towers from 39 to 45 stories — that’s three times higher than my building — are among the planned development that includes 1,645 residential units, retail space, and parking for more than 2,000 cars and 1,000 bicycles.
   Thousands more people will eventually reside right across the street.
   This is yet another high-density development as downtown Toronto continues to go vertical. Within walking distance there are already many, many cranes and condominiums reaching up to the sky.
   And there will be more.
   Land in this area is being bought up for future development around the planned subway station and property values continue to rise.
   I’m not sure you call it progress or evolution, but the landscape of this neighbourhood this is changing. This entire city is changing.

10/19/2021                                                  j.g.l.

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