Mondays are just young Fridays

As the nightly temperatures drop and I am now greeted by a fresh morning chill, I am less likely to want to stray as far from home.
   For the longest time, with its record heat, summer seemed to stretch further than it has in years. The longer days of summer were a time for exploration. Even with COVID-19 travel restrictions, I managed to get out and see more of my city.
   Now I seem to want to stay put.
   Autumn, with its ever-changing change, is a time for nesting.
   I’ve pulled the sweaters out from the bottom drawer. I’m slowly organizing my home office and sorting out books on the night table preparing for more reading time.
   I’m back to making soup, and comfort food, and all the things that make it feel like autumn.
   Autumn is a feeling.
   Enjoy it while you can.

10/18/2021                                        j.g.l.

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